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Finally... A Diet
Driven By Science!
Finally... A Diet
Driven By Science!

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Introducing DietCypher's

Weight Loss DNA Diet!

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DNA Diet? DNA Weight Loss?
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Announcing A New Weight Loss Breakthrough!
No two people are alike, and no diet is ideal for everyone. At last, based on the latest science, you can accelerate YOUR weight loss by up to 2x using scientific DNA weight loss methods. DietCypher® has developed a breakthrough algorithm to analyze your DNA to determine which diets and foods will maximize weight loss for your body type.
Let Genetics Be Guide Couple


Let Genetics Be Guide Couple


"I Lost 55lbs With DietCypher's DNA Weight Loss Plan"

When Felipe started his weight loss program at DietCypher, he was 210 lbs. He lost 55 lbs following a diet based on his genetic profile. Based on his DNA dietcode, a food plan higher in fat and lower in carbs was the key to his weight loss success. Now 5 years later, he still understands what foods work best for his body and has kept the weight off without excessive effort.

No More Guessing!
Get This Weight Loss
Package Custom Prepared
For Your DNA-Type.

See The Difference With DietCypher Dieting Sucks…
So Do It Right To Avoid The Struggle.

Understand Your Body’s Genetic Disposition.
DietCypher analyzes your DNA to determine how the fat, carbs and protein you eat can affect weight loss. Once we’ve completed the comprehensive analysis of the 5 key genes, we recommend one of 6 core DietCodes that will optimize your weight loss efforts. We then provide you with a full DNA-Based Weight Loss Guide And Food Plan, which includes recommendations on diet, foods, and popular weight loss programs that may work best for you.

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See The Difference With DietCypher Compare DietCypher.
DNA Diet Plan? Or Traditional Plans?

Introducing the New Facts About Weight Loss...
Other weight loss services may provide you with a customized diet based on your healthy food preferences, food allergies, and sensitivities. At DietCypher we focus solely on pointing you to the most efficient weight loss plans for your body.


The Dietcodes

Paleo, Keto, Low-Carb, oh my! Do all the different diets out there make you a little dizzy? Does it sometimes feel like they’re the same diets with different names?

At DietCypher, we assign a DietCode to you after analyzing your DNA. A DietCode is simply the type of diet that is likely to work best for you. And once you know what mix of fat, carbohydrate and protein aligns with your genes, we point you to the best foods and most popular diets that will help you lose weight once and for all.

Learn more about the DietCodes

Get Your Order This Breakthrough DNA-Based Weight Loss Guide and Food Plan.

Dna Dietcode

Already have your DNA data from Ancestry, 23andMe, or MyHeritage?

3rd Party Genetic Services

3rd party genetic service

If you have not already done so, you will need to purchase any of the DNA services offered by 23andMe, Ancestry, or MyHeritage. Once you’ve submitted your DNA sample to one of these services and your sample has been processed, they will make your DNA file (raw genetic data) available for download from their websites. After you download the file, you can upload it to your DietCypher account.

Send us the file and we’ll determine your DietCode within 2 business days.

Get Your Pre-0rder This Breakthrough DNA-Based Weight Loss Guide and Food Plan.

Dna Dietcode Pre Order

Don’t have your DNA data yet? No problem.

3rd Party Genetic Services

If you don’t have your DNA data file yet, no problem.

You can still pre-order your personalized DietCode now to get a jumpstart on your best path to weight loss. Once you get your DNA Data file from 23andMe, Ancestry or MyHeritage, you simply upload it to your DietCypher account, and we will provide you with your personalized DietCode within 2 business days. So, what are you waiting for?

Note – 3rd party genetic service. To obtain your DNA file (raw genetic data) you’ll need to purchase separately any of the DNA services offered by 23andMe, Ancestry, or MyHeritage.

You can still pre-order your personalized DietCode now, and once you get your DNA Data file you can simply upload it to your DietCypher account.
*DNA data is simply the file with your raw genetic data. Once you received your personalized report from any of these services, you can quickly and easily obtain it from the account you created with them, free of charge.

I think I’ve tried every diet known to man. And truthfully, they all work to some degree if you can stick with it. But it wasn’t until DietCypher recommended a high fat, moderate protein diet that I got the kind of results I was hoping for. I lost more weight than with other diets, and I lost it faster than ever before. I’m a believer!

- Robin, age 55

Common Questions About
DietCypher and DNA-Based Diets

There are a number of reasons why people struggle with weight loss, but it boils down to one core cause: as an adult, the energy (calories) you provide your body from food and drink is equal to, or more than the energy it needs. But before you blame calories or a poor metabolism, know that they are only part of this complex question. How your body gets its energy from the foods you eat, uses (metabolizes) that energy, and stores that energy (e.g. fat) depends on a number of things, including your genetics. While scientists are working to discover all the different factors involved, current research suggests that a handful of key genes affect how the human body uses the fat, carbohydrates and protein it consumes. Based on this research, the DietCypher® algorithm analyzes your DNA to determine which type of diet plan is likely to provide the most weight loss success.

DietCypher’s core service is a DietCode determined by its proprietary algorithm, which predicts and recommends the best diet-based weight-loss program for you based on your DNA. Without your DNA data file, we are unable to recommend a DietCode. For those who have used genotyping services like 23andMe, Ancestry and MyHeritage, you can access an electronic file of your raw DNA data, and send it to us for analysis.

After you receive your 23andMe, Ancestry or MyHeritage report, your electronic file of raw DNA will be available to you, free of charge, from whichever service you chose. You simply need to request and download it (download as a “.zip” file). You will need to open the “.zip” file to reveal the “.txt” or “.csv” file with your DNA data inside. Then, just upload the “.txt” or “.csv” file onto DietCypher’s secure site, and you will receive your customized DietCode report within 2 business days of purchase.

Once you upload and submit your DNA data file and submit payment through the DietCypher website, you will receive your full and customized DietCode report within 2 business days.

Dietcypher Founder

A note from our

Hi, my name is Orsolya, and I know firsthand how difficult and frustrating the battle to lose weight can be. I watched my mom struggle with weight loss throughout my childhood. She tried diet after diet, lost weight, then gained back even more than she had lost. It was the ultimate definition of yo-yo dieting. Not only does that approach not yield long-term success, it’s just plain unhealthy. I knew there had to be a better way. I needed to help people like my mom overcome the hurdles of weight loss.

Today, I’m a molecular nutrition scientist and registered dietitian, with over 20 years’ experience in the fields of human nutrition and cell metabolism. I have extensively researched the link between diet, nutrigenomics, cellular carbohydrate and fat metabolism, and body weight to better understand what actually happens to the food we eat, once it enters our body. Science shows that many factors affect the interplay between food, metabolism and body weight, including genes. I built DietCypher to help people find the most effective and efficient diet, based on their unique genetics.