Your Personalized DNA-Based Weight Loss Package


Finally, Weight Loss Driven By Science

This is a custom prepared weight loss package for your DNA type. It includes your scientific DietCode Results, a DNA-Based Weight Loss Guide and Tips, Food Plan, Meal Plan, and Recipes to accelerate weight loss according to your personal genetics.

  • Take the guesswork out of dieting
  • Get a breakdown of your genetic predispositions to foods
  • What to eat and what to limit
  • Popular weight loss programs that are aligned with your genetic
  • Popular weight loss programs that are NOT aligned with your genetic disposition
  • Food preparation tips
  • Diet success tips


DietCypher® analyzes your DNA to determine how the fat, carbs and protein you eat can affect your weight. Once we’ve completed the comprehensive analysis of the 5 key genes, we recommend the DietCodes that will optimize your weight loss efforts. We then provide you with a full DNA-Based Weight Loss Guide And Food Plan, which includes recommendations on diet, foods, and popular weight loss programs that may work best for you.

No two people are alike, and no diet is ideal for everyone. At last, based on the latest science, you can accelerate YOUR weight loss by up to 2x using scientific DNA weight loss methods. DietCypher® has developed a breakthrough algorithm to analyze your DNA to determine which diets and foods will maximize weight loss for your body type.