DietCypher Success Stories

We are honored to have helped so many people get on the right diet and reach their weight loss goals. Here are some of their stories.

Awesome! I got low-fat, moderate-protein and it’s really helped! As a runner I was always struggling with not being lean enough to win races and found myself pushing harder than I should have been. With this diet code I was able to make a well balanced runners diet for myself. I have since lost 8lbs!

- Audrie, age 18

Very impressed with the report and information received, I have learned a lot about how to eat healthy food that really provides nutrients and energy that I need.

- Alfonso, age 43

FINALLY!!! Seems the science has caught up with how personal weight loss is. Contrary to popular belief that the only way to lose weight is to eat less (caloric restriction), overwhelming data is now showing that each of us metabolize calories differently so for some the secret for weight loss may be cutting carbs, for others is cutting fats and for others could be a combination of multiple macronutrients. It seems the key for maximizing weight loss is in our genes! I rarely do personal reviews but this method changed my life... I lost 60 pounds simply by understanding my own metabolism!

- Felipe, age 44

It’s a great tool to learn about your body and how to maintain yourself healthy with a great variety of tasty food.

- Katia, age 41

Great tool to help me further understand my health. Thanks!

- Eric, age 40

Great service with good results - I'm slowly losing weight! Seems to me the people behind the scenes know what they are doing.

- Balint, age 66

I think I’ve tried every diet known to man. And truthfully, they all work to some degree if you can stick with it. But it wasn’t until DietCypher recommended a high fat, moderate protein diet that I got the kind of results I was hoping for. I lost more weight than with other diets, and I lost it faster than ever before. I’m a believer!

- Robin, age 55

This is a revolutionary insight in caring for your most important asset - your body! I’ve been battling justifying my driver’s licence weight since birthing three kids and the struggle got harder as covid hit. I was tired of losing motivation and trying diets and products that didn’t feel healthy and went against my instincts and wisdom.

DietCypher provided me with so much more than nutritional information and guidance. I now believe in the effect my diet will have on my body, as I now know how MY body and metabolism work. My new nutrition plan, which optimizes the fueling of my body, is cleaner and consists of products I can stand behind for both me and my family. My code is high fat and high protein so out go the low fat products! It was so helpful to learn which indulgences I can justifiably allow myself and which are not worth the pleasure as they are solely working against my efforts in losing weight. My scale is moving and I’m so happy that this is a sustainable diet.

- Anne, age 38

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3rd Party Genetic Services

3rd party genetic service

If you have not already done so, you will need to purchase any of the DNA services offered by 23andMe, Ancestry, or MyHeritage. Once you’ve submitted your DNA sample to one of these services and your sample has been processed, they will make your DNA file (raw genetic data) available for download from their websites. After you download the file, you can upload it to your DietCypher account.

Send us the file and we’ll determine your DietCode within 2 business days.

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3rd Party Genetic Services

If you don’t have your DNA data file yet, no problem.

You can still pre-order your personalized DietCode now to get a jumpstart on your best path to weight loss. Once you get your DNA diet file from 23andMe, Ancestry or MyHeritage, you simply upload it to your DietCypher account, and we will provide you with your personalized DietCode within 2 business days. So, what are you waiting for?

Note – 3rd party genetic service. To obtain your DNA file (raw genetic data) you’ll need to purchase separately any of the DNA services offered by 23andMe, Ancestry, or MyHeritage.

You can still pre-order your personalized DietCode now, and once you get your DNA diet file you can simply upload it to your DietCypher account.
*DNA data is simply the file with your raw genetic data. Once you received your personalized report from any of these services, you can quickly and easily obtain it from the account you created with them, free of charge.